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Jacqueline Savvy Fox

Meet Jacqueline.

Licensed Buyers Agent | Registered Property Valuer

My name is Jacqueline….after our first phone chat, you will probably call me Jac and we will talk often.  Eventually, our phone conversations start with “Hi, it’s me!”  What I am trying to say is… we get to know each other exceptionally well.

I am a Registered Property Valuer and an Award-Winning, Licenced Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer.

Enough formalities. Let’s cut to the chase, I’m your Savvy Fox when it is time to secure your next property. I play fair but I play hard for my team to win. I genuinely want to secure you a place you adore at a price you are comfortable with.

I want to do it as seamlessly as possible but hey, I am juggling a pretty big deal here with opposing agenda’s and personalities!! I will control the controllable’s and calmly work swiftly through the things that need smoothing over.

Marcus Savvy Fox

Meet Marcus.

Real Estate  Analyst | Operations Manager

My name is Marcus… And we may not talk a lot (I’ll mostly leave you in Jacqueline’s capable hands). But I’m here to help with finding your dream home or investment property. 

So, what exactly do I do here? I’m responsible for the market research and real estate analysis needed to help Jacqueline in the search for your new property.

With my background in building and construction industry, I help with forecasting potential development or renovation potential on properties. On top of this I’m also the office “tech guru” at Savvy Fox – which is just a way of saying, I fix  Jac’s emails when they crash :-). 

But mostly I’m here to support my amazing wife (oh, did I forget to mention we’re married?) so she can provide you with the best customer service possible and seamlessly secure your dream property as fast as possible. Welcome to Savvy Fox!

STOP wasting every spare waking moment chasing the ‘unicorn house’.

I’ve done hundreds of property transactions both as a Buyers Agent and a Selling Agent. Each deal is unique and I will listen and communicate everything. I don’t want you to be stressed, let me wear that. It’s. My. Job.

When there is a hiccup you will know about it, but I will also have several strategies of how to deal around it for a positive outcome. I nearly always have a development of my own on the go and have worked in high end custom home design and construction.

As a Registered Property Valuer I deal with banks and brokers daily so I am very attuned on how to ‘tick the boxes’ from the lending and financial side of the transaction. Don’t underestimate how imperative this is in the current financial climate.

If you are hunting for a property right now… STOP wasting every spare waking moment and precious weekends with a failed outcome and a genuine bitterness building towards the process.

Contact me, I will get the job done….. Every. Single. Time.

Kind Words From Our Happy Clients

Why Jacqueline?

National & State Award Winning Agent with the Real Estate Institute.

To break it down, it takes as little as four days to become a Buyers Agent. Scary isn’t it? Gun Slinger’s can enter this industry very easily. Personally, I am Property Degree educated and a fully Licenced Real Estate Agent in QLD & NSW. I am also the proud recipient of the Award for Excellence from the Real Estate Institute of NSW and the same award from the Real Estate Institute of Australia. You can’t hide in this industry, eventually your reputation will catch up with you!

Registered Property Valuer

As a Registered Property Valuer with the Queensland Registration Board of Queensland I am charged with upholding the highest of professionalism and accuracy in Property Valuation. I am also a Nationally Certified Practicing Valuer with The Australian Property Institute. Both these qualifications take years of study and industry examination to obtain and 98 /100 Buyers Agents will NOT have this certification. Relax Buyers, You’re Represented.

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Passionate about real estate

For those ‘Type A’ personalities that perhaps
enjoy reading greater detail…


I grew up in Brisbane’s Southside on acreage with Pony Club ribbons proudly displayed until it was no longer cool to do so. I was educated at Lourdes Hill College before earning a Bachelor of Business from The University of Queensland.


My passion at 19 was adventure. I spent the next four years in London working at what was then Chase Manhattan Bank. Returning home, I spent several years at Dell Computer before launching my property career back in 2002.


I spent ten years working for McGrath Estate Agents, close to always featuring in their top 20 agents. I went on to be awarded the Real Estate Institute of NSW Award for Excellence in 2007 and the same award from The Real Estate Institute of Australia in 2008. I then moved home to Queensland after being away for fifth teen years and joined the Ray White Corporate team in a training role of their elite agents for several years.


Time for a new challenge, I studied Property Valuation at Deakin University while working as a Project Manager for a luxury, custom home designer/builder for a few years whilst doing a number of developments personally. I migrated over to the valuation industry full time for a number of years working for one of the largest national valuation firm. I’ve even worked for the Government doing statutory valuations.


Case Study


New family home

Type of Property:

House & land


Bangalow, Byron Bay, NSW


This client wanted to relocate from her busy lifestyle in Sydney and wanted to buy in Bangalow area specifically.

Property Journey:

After an extensive search, we were able to secure this beautiful home prior to going to auction for $70,000 under my clients initial budget.


More Kind Words From
another Happy Client...

"If you think a professional is expensive, wait til you hire an amateur. I’ve never been through such an experience where this was made more blatantly clear.

Lucky for us, we decided to hire a true professional in Jacqueline from Savvy Fox.

We underwent one of the most complicated, most ‘un-straightforward’ purchases you could ever imagine. There were so many technical aspects to consider, and many stars that needed to align, and for us to pull this off was nothing short of a miracle.

Several buyers came before us and like us were excited by the raw potential of this property, only to be scared away by the overwhelming technical complications.

Jacqueline is unique to most buyers advocates in that she comes from a property sales background and is also an accredited valuer.

Her wealth of experience on all sides means that she has seen almost every conceivable scenario you could think of. We had several group meetings with consultants, and Jac was able to translate the jargon and help us make the right decisions.

She was able to advise on every step of the purchase process, and gave us context behind motivations of all parties. It was eye opening & fascinating.

I would recommend a buyers agent like Jacqueline at least once in your life, if not, through every purchase. Her fee was reasonable enough, but the value through mitigating the many risks, and coming out on top was priceless.

In short, you will be better off with her, than without her.
Gerome Delosreyes
Another Happy Savvy Fox Client

The Savvy Fox Factor...

Savvy Fox’s founder, Jacqueline, is a Registered Property Valuer and Award Winning, licensed Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer. She works hard for you and gets the job done right every single time.

Our job is not done until you are completely satisfied and in the home of your dreams.

We treat each transaction uniquely and implement our proven strategies to help the entire process go smoothly. When you choose us as your Buyers Agent, you don’t need to stress-let us take that off your back!

Give us a call, send us an email or shoot us an inquiry online and we will get in touch immediately to set up a meeting. Let us help give you the representation you deserve during the home buying process.

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Q & A’s

Here are some the most common questions we get around hiring a property buyers agent. If you don’t see your question answered simply ask below and I’ll be happy to answer.

Ask Savvy Fox a Question...

Jacqueline will responded personally to your question within 45 minutes (during business hours) or first thing the next morning (9am AEST) if after hours. 

A Buyers Agent (also known as a Buyers Advocate) is a licensed real estate agent who works exclusively for the property buyer in a real estate transaction.  Savvy Fox Property Buyers Agent provides the following services:

• Searching for properties that are listed and unlisted via various sources including our extensive network or by contacting the sellers directly in the area you desire
• Evaluating and comparing properties based on their potential as a home or as an investment
• Negotiating the purchase price and conditions in favor of the buyer. This often includes bidding at auction.
• Preparing/reviewing contract documents, other searches, co-ordinating building and pest inspections and other due diligence.
• Managing your settlement process to its completion including referring you to property managers if it was an investment purchase.

The same reason why people hire cleaners, builders, accountants, stylists and wedding planners! The time value of money is an important thing to remember here.

The Big 3 Reasons: Time, Money &  Reduces Your Risk.


Your time earning money being an expert at what you do is generally greater than the fee you pay us to do what we do. We already know you are good at what you do, you have saved up a hefty deposit after all.  You would need to add hours of research and study to your search time to know the market the way we do. So of course you could do it yourself, but we offer a simpler, smarter way to get a dream property (while keeping your pockets lined, don’t forget we’re Valuers as well).

Purchasing property is a time-consuming process.  Once a location is chosen then the property search begins.  Viewing 50-100 properties will give you a good indication of what is available and how much properties are selling for.  If you are prepared to view 5 properties every Saturday then you could be ready to buy in 3-5 months time.   Many prospective buyers will have been looking at properties for 12 months or more.   Property prices can increase significantly over this period of time leaving you perplexed when your offer is not accepted or worse its accepted before the ink drys….You might be paying too much!!

Your Savvy Fox has a working knowledge of property prices and market conditions and can dedicate their time to sourcing appropriate properties that align with your criteria.  Most properties are sourced within 4-6 weeks.  Employing a Buyers Agent will give you your weekends back and can help to secure quality properties more quickly.


We have no doubt you’re an excellent negotiator in your field of expertise. And while some negotiation skills are transferable across contexts; the real strength of having a well-established Buyers Agent negotiate on your behalf is the insider-information that’s virtually impossible to access outside of this industry. You don’t have to be rich and famous to use the services of a Buyers Agent. Most clients are everyday people looking to purchase investment property or their own home. Clients may be local to the QLD area or live interstate or overseas.

Reduces Risk:

One thing to watch out for: many real estate agencies refer to Personal Assistants as ‘Buyers Agents’, but we strongly recommend you choose an independent Buyers Agent who is a Certified Practising Valuer registered by The Australian Property Institute. If you’re going to get advice and assistance when purchasing property (which we recommend you do), make sure the source is appropriately qualified, experienced and unbiased with decades of experience under their belt.

In a word: no….It’s a pretty significant conflict of interest, potentially recommending properties they get a Selling Agent fee for. The one time it’s not risky is if your Selling Agent is assisting for you free because they know they can sell your current home once you buy. That way they are getting a fee from you after they firstly help you buy and secondly help you sell. We offer independent, highly specialised advice, and on top of that, we do the bulk of the searching, all the negotiating, and take care of the logistics at every step of the way. Selling Agents are different to Buyers Agents, even though they work in the same industry.

Savvy Fox Property Buyers Agent & Valuer have many industry memberships as well as being awarded the highest accolades possible in the Real Estate Industry Nationally. Something we are incredibly humbled by but more importantly it demonstrates we  have appropriate professional experience. We are licenced Buyers Agents in QLD & NSW, we are Registered Valuers with the QLD Valuers Registration Board and also Certified Practicing Valuers nationally with The Australian Property Institute. The  Real Estate Institute Code of Conduct means that we abide by the below:

  • Hold a license in their relevant state or territory.
  • Are registered with the Office of Fair Trading (OFT).
  • Have professional indemnity insurance
  • Do not have properties listed for sale, or be involved in direct selling.

If you are purchasing the property for investment purposes then the fees may be tax-deductable. Generally the fees are added to the ‘cost base’ for the calculation of capital gains tax, rather than being deductable in any single year. You should obtain specific advice from your accountant.

Unfortunately if you are purchasing a property to live in, the Buyers Agent fee is not tax deductable.

Most investment properties are sourced (STEP 4 of The Process on the Go Forward Plan page) within 30 days. Home purchases may take longer to source (generally within 60 days).

Refer to our Go Forward Plan Page or just contact Jacqueline directly on 0412 332 156.