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Need a winning auction bidding strategy?

Bidding at a real estate auction can be a complex and overwhelming process.  Fortunately, you don’t have to handle it alone. At Savvy Fox, we offer comprehensive Auction Bidding services in Byron Bay and on the Gold Coast. With our help, you can rest easy knowing that you’re not being taken advantage of on auction day.

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"Throughout the whole process she was full of knowledge which hadtaken all the stress off me and my partner"

“We just recently purchased our forever home in our dream place Currumbin. Having zero experience in the field of auctions I had come across a wonderful lady Jacqueline from Savvy Fox Property. Throughout the whole process she was super confident, honest in our intention with the property and full of knowledge which had taken all the stress off me and my partner. After what felt like forever but actually 15mins we snabbled up our home and we literally couldn’t of done it without her ! We are forever grateful and will be referring to all our friends that are looking for property in the future Thanks so much Jacqueline your one in a million xx”

Shinly Tapia

Shinly Tapia

Successful auction in Currumbin

Auction Bidding Service, Savvy Fox

Don't cost yourself Thousands Bidding at Auction!

An auction is like a theatre performance, except no one knows the script or who is playing the lead roles until the curtain falls or in this case the hammer falls at the end.

For the everyday punter, bidding at auction can be very daunting – and a lot of buyers are stressed and worried about getting emotional and overpaying.

Having a professional bid for you means you can get expert guidance on the right value and not get fooled by underquoting.

I also work to ensure that you don’t pay more than what a property is worth, (I am a Registered Valuer after-all)  and if possible, we can work to negotiate the right deal for you pre-auction.

Leave your details and I will be in touch to see if I can assist you with your next property auction.

Let’s WIN your auction together

How Does a real estate auction work?

Most people are familiar with traditional home-selling methods. You book a call with a real estate agent, tour the home, and discuss payment plans. The house usually already has an asking price and negotiations are minimal if any. 

Real estate auctions work a little differently. With an auction, you enter a battlefield for first place – and without the right armour, you could lose. 

Real estate auctions are public property sales and fall under three major categories of sale: 

  • Homeowners trying to sell their homes as fast as possible
  • Property Flippers trying to sell homes as fast as possible
  • The bank or government seized the home and is also trying to sell the home as fast as possible 

The major point here is the ‘as fast as possible’ bit. Because of this, real estate auctions can present homeowners with deals they would rarely get otherwise. But for inexperienced buyers, it’s also easy to overbid on a property that is not worth it. 

That’s where we come in. Savvy Fox Buyer’s Agents are pros at real estate auctions. With our auction bidding services, we handle the process for you and ensure you’re getting the best deal possible!

*Chat directly with the top Auction Bidder, no hard sells. Promise.

Auction Bidding Byron Bay

Byron Bay has gained massive popularity in recent years, with homes sprouting in the coastal city and private property flourishing in the hinterland. The place is a literal paradise, with many celebrities and tourists aiming to make it their home. 

Unfortunately, buying a home without an experienced agent can be very tricky. Demand is extremely high and many homeowners are paying a lot more than they should when they go independent. 

We can help you navigate the bidding wars for Byron Bay homes. We know the area, we know home values, and we know when to bid. With Savvy Fox, you’ll have access to savvy home bidding services and smart choices. 

For the best home at the best price, Savvy Fox is your best Buyers advocate Byron Bay and an auction bidding partner in Byron Bay.

*View our Byron Bay Auction Bidding fees 

Auction bidding Byron Bay
Auction bidding Gold Coast

Auction Bidding Gold Coast

Similar to Byron Bay, Gold Coast has seen extreme growth in recent years. As another coastal city that stretches 56 km along the beautiful Australian waters, the place has everything a homeowner could ever need. 

But buying on the Gold Coast can also be tricky. You see, Gold Coast has a lot of different suburbs. Some are great and others are even better. 

But the prices among these suburbs fluctuate a lot and the areas have very different atmospheres. With Gold Coast, you run the risk of buying a home in a suburb you might not want to live in. 

When you work with Savvy Fox, you have a local expert at your side. With decades of experience, we know the suburbs like the back of our hands. 

We’ll help you find the home of your dreams in the neighbourhood of your dreams. And we’ll make sure you stay on budget for it.

*View our Gold Coast Auction Bidding fees 

"Jac went to auction for us And she won the auction for us, Game Over"

“We would use 6 stars if we could. Jac went to auction for us. And she won the auction for us. She was down to earth, straight up front, and experienced. It was a powerful combination. The battle plan Jac created beforehand was clear, and she executed it with precision on the day. Game over. There are no Gucci belts here, just a SavyFox who knows exactly what she is doing.”

DR Alex Koefman

Dr Alex Koefman

Happy Auction Winners

Savvy Fox auction bidding

Working On Your Behalf To Help You Buy A Home

We Have Experience & Insider Knowledge. When it comes to real estate auctions, there are many pitfalls for the layman. Without proper knowledge of the bidding process, the jargon, and the real estate market, you run the risk of overpaying for a home in a neighbourhood you won’t like. 

That’s where we, Savvy Fox, come in. With over 2 decades of experience, we are confident we can help you get the best deal at your bid. 

We know all the auction tactics; we know the jargon; we know how to bid confidently without giving ourselves away; and we know how to keep our emotions in check. We stay objective from start to finish. 

Savvy Fox is also a well-established real estate insider. We have knowledge that lets us make smart bidding choices.

*First auction consultation is 100% free (Yes, really!).

We Have Your Best Interests In Mind

From the moment you get in touch with us, we work to provide you with the best deals. We keep your interest at heart when we walk into the bidding hall and keep that in mind through every action we take. 

Our team knows the bid areas and which deals are in your best interest. We’ll use our network to check the auction homes and our experience to keep a critical eye on lemons that could cost you thousands of dollars. 

Savvy Fox will never let you leave with the wrong home. We know when to walk away and when a deal isn’t worth it. We know when the minimum price is ridiculous or the home is worth much more than they are asking. 

With our personal experience and extensive market research, we’ll help you navigate the bidding war. 

Savvy Fox happy home buyers

Auction Bidding Service In Byron Bay And Gold Coast

Work with a seasoned expert at Savvy Fox to ensure you’re getting the best deal at a property auction. We’re here to help you through the process and can help negotiate pre-auction. 

At Savvy Fox, we understand how stressful buying a property can be. And our aim is to put your worries at ease. As Buyer’s Agents, we have your best interests at heart and work with you to help you find your dream home. 

So, if you’re looking to buy property at an auction in Byron Bay or on the Gold Coast, we’ve got your back. With our auction bidding services, you can have peace of mind that you’re making the right decision!

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