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Best High Schools On The Gold Coast 2023

Best Gold Coast Schools 2023

Public & Private High Schools On The Gold Coast To Consider in 2023

As we all know, education and success go hand in hand. But moving to the Gold Coast can be tricky for this very reason. Without a clear picture of the best schools for your children, it can be hard to settle down without schooling anxiety. 

Being a local Gold Coast buyers agent, my job often requires me to find homes for my clients in the best school districts on the Gold Coast. Here is a list of the most popular schools along the Gold Coast, enjoy Jac X

Fortunately, Savvy Fox is here to help you find the best Gold Coast home and guide you to finding the best high schools on the Gold Coast in 2023. Without further ado, here are our top public and private high school picks.

Top High Schools The Gold Coast

The schools below are chosen based on their performance in the state and are in no particular order. Each school here falls under the top state score and presents a great educational advantage to all its students.

Gold Coast High Schools

Palm Beach Currumbin State High School

Type: Public/Government School

Website: PBS-SHS

Palm Beach Currumbin State High School is considered one of the leading high schools in the state of Queensland and has a proud record of academic, sporting and artisitic performance and achievements.

Each day, the school calls for the out-working of its motto  “Nothing But The Best“, which nurtures the talents of each student urging them forward to succeed in their careers, relationships and citizenship.

Popular suburbs close by:

Elanora State High School

Type: Independent Public School

Website: Elanora State High School

Elanora SHS became an independent public school in 2019, and a member of the Happy Schools Program in 2019.

Elanora SHS strives to create the best learning environemnt for students to accomplish their goals and become the best possible citizens in a dynamic global community. Students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular opportuities that strengthen their individual skills in the wider community.

Popular suburbs close by:

Somerset College, Mudgeeraba

Somerset College, Mudgeeraba

Type: Private School

Website: Somerset College

Somerset College is a co-ed school that has consistently been noted as one of the best schools on the Gold Coast. Somerset College is dedicated to creating a safe and dedicated learning environment that nurtures global citizens. 

The school offers a range of impressive facilities and educated staff that care about nurturing the very best in every student.

Popular suburbs close by:

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Benowa State High School, Benowa

Benowa State High School, Benowa

Type: Public/Government School 

Website: Benowa State High School 

Benowa State High School is another co-ed high achiever with a consistent track record for excellence. This government school is one, if not the, best public high school available on the Gold coast. 

According to the mission statement, Benowa values excellence and diversity and applauds achievements. The school features a diverse cast of international students and nurtures academic, cultural, and sporting excellence.

Saints Anglican High School

All Saints Anglican High School, Merrimac

Type: Private School

Website: All Saint Anglican High School

All Saints Anglican High School is a co-ed Christian School that hopes to inspire generations of ‘whole children’. This philosophy focuses on the individual growth and education of children and aims to create an environment perfect for flourishing. 

The school offers impressive schooling facilities and study abroad and mainstream programs.

St. Andrews Lutheran College, Tallebudgera

St. Andrews Lutheran College, Tallebudgera 

Type: Private School 

Website: St Andrews Lutheran College

St. Andrews Lutheran College is another exceptional co-ed Christian school that focuses on nurturing individual students according to their needs. Here, every student is a clear extension of Jesus Christ and deserving of higher education. 

The school works off the Lutheran Church of Australia teachings. With a clear understanding and study of Christ and education, students are set up to become the best versions of themselves.

Helensvale State High School, Helensvale

Type: Public School

Website: Helensvale State High School

Helensvale State High School is a co-ed high school that values individual student needs and aims to foster a community that is bright and educated. 

Because Helensvale is a large independent public school, the students are afforded many education and extracurricular activity opportunities. They personalise the learning experience for every student and aim to nurture their dreams into an actionable future.

Varsity College, Varsity Lakes

Varsity College, Varsity Lakes

Type: Public/Government School

Website: Varsity College

Varsity College is a co-ed high school with a long and proud history. The school nurtures excellence in its students by providing access to educational, sporting, cultural, and community opportunities. To foster cultural and international intelligence, the school also offers international programs.

King’s Christian College, Reedy Creek

King’s Christian College, Reedy Creek

Type: Private School

Website: King’s College

King’s College is a co-ed Christian college with a track record for producing successful and prepared students. The college focuses on project-based learning, which means children learn through experience rather than memorization. 

The school’s foundational values aim to encourage and promote excellence, curiosity, courage, and perseverance in the student body.

emmanuel college carrara

Emmanuel College, Carrara

Type: Private School

Website: Emmanuel College

Emmanuel College is a co-ed Christian college that offers multi-denominational staff and teachings. Here, students are taught in safe environments that focus on Christian values and day-to-day interactions that encourage growth and kindness. 

The school offers excellent schooling that focuses on maths, science, art, sport, technology, and languages. They also encourage social learning and loving that embraces all cultures and people.

A.B. Paterson College, Arundel

A.B. Paterson College, Arundel

Type: Private School

Website: A.B. Paterson College

A.B. Paterson College is a co-ed college with a very high state score and exceptional student success. The school values building character, spirit, determination, and resilience in the student body by fostering their education and values. 

Besides amazing educational opportunities, A.B. Paterson also nurtures students with support and care and combines transitional values with progressive mindsets.

St. Hildas school southport

St. Hilda’s School, Southport

Type: Private School

Website: St. Hilda’s School

St. Hilda’s School is a girls-only day and boarding school. The school is Anglican and caters to the diverse needs of modern young women. It is in the top 5 of Gold Coast schools and teaches young women how to thrive and succeed during and after their school stay. 

And with over 100 co- and extra-curricular activities available, your daughter will never be left without something to nurture her mind, body, and soul. 

Southport school

The Southport School, Southport

Type: Private School

Website: The Southport School

The Southport School is a boys-only school with 120 years of education experience dedicated to fostering smart and prepared young men. The school offers a Myers-Briggs learning style that focuses on individual needs and encourages personal growth and development. 

The school also focuses on building leadership, sporting, and cultural dynamics that prepare them for the real world and encourages all their potential.

Popular suburbs close by:

Saint Stephen’s College, Upper Coomera

Type:  Private School

Website: Saint Stephen’s College

Saint Stephen’s College is a co-ed school that focuses on nurturing young men and women to bring positive change to their communities. The school’s educational, cultural, and social dynamics are built on Christian values and beliefs. 

Popular suburbs close by:


Finding the right school is extremely important when it comes to nurturing your children. The above list is filled with the best schools on the Gold Coast. Each school offers amazing educational, sporting, cultural, and social opportunities. 

Choose the school that best suits your child’s needs then let’s find the perfect home close by. What is a buyers Advocate? and how can they help you to find your dream Gold Coast home! 

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