I would suggest questioning.... Is the "cheapest Buyers Agent" really the best negotiator around town?

Do they really believe in themselves? I mean, in life you ‘get what you pay for” so if they are dirt cheap, how confident are they really? in their ability to negotiate you the best deal?

My fee is between one and one and a half percent of the value of your purchase  (depending on the scope of the task). It’s my mission to secure your property a lot more than a few percent off the market value. 

So, in a sense you could say hiring me – makes you money!

After all, hiring me may mean you secure your property for the BEST price possible. Meaning you could repay your mortgage in say just 20 years,  rather than the normal 35 years! Remember, the decisions you make when buying your next property, are decisions that will have to live with for a  long time!  And could have significant ramifications on you and your family – It pays to get it right from the start.

Now, If you’re selecting your buyer’s agent with the emphasis on having the cheapest fee, sadly we may not be a good fit.

But ask yourself this… “Are you really going to be happy with the 3rd or 4th best buyers agent in town?”

Now, if you want a highly experienced professional with a reputation for hard work and quality service, at a fair price! then contact us now…

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Our Fee Structure:

You chose which option suits you best:

This service encompasses each step from sourcing, valuing, negotiating right through to settlement.

A second option where you find the property and invite us to take over handling the purchase is offered at a reduced fee, please contact Jacqueline to discuss further.

My full fee will be negotiated based on the difficulty of your property brief. On our first call call together, I'll discuss different fee options to find the one which best suits your personal situation and buying goals.

Payment is split into two stages:

An initial fee of $2,000 + GST when you appoint us as your Buyers Agent by signing the paperwork to get started. This fee is non refundable if you elect not to purchase a property.

A success fee (of the balance of the full fee approx 1%) is paid when the contract becomes unconditional. We do not charge a success fee if you do not end up entering a contract of sale.

Jac Savvy Fox Buyers Agent

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