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Here at Savvy Fox, we like to be as transparent as possible. Let’s face it – we’re all too busy to play games, right? Below on this page, you’ll discover our fee structure  – And overview of what we do for our fee. Take a few minutes to read this page before deciding if Savvy Fox is the right buyer’s agent for you! For those who just want to view our fee’s (and skip over the rest) ‘Hit The Button’

HowMuch Does A Buyers Agent Cost?

A professional buyer’s agent can be the difference between success and failure when purchasing your dream home or investment property. 

At Savvy Fox, we often get asked how much does a buyer’s agent cost? 

Let’s tell you why you need a professional buyer’s agent when looking for property in Byron Bay, Gold Coast, and Brisbane. We’ll also tell you how much a buyer’s agent costs!  

How Much Does A Buyers Agent Cost
Is It Worth The Money To Pay For A Buyer's Agent

Is It Worth The Money to Pay a Buyers Agent?

If you’ve ever heard of the age-old saying “You have to spend money to make money.”, then you know it applies to property and buyer’s agents too!  

At Savvy Fox, we’ve met plenty of successful property investors, families, and individuals who can testify to this fact. Simply put, the long-term financial gains far outweigh the short-term costs. 

What Will a Buyers Agent Do For Me?

What Will A Buyer's Agent Do For Me?

Before we look at how much do buyer’s advocates charge, we first need to see what you’ll be getting when hiring a buyer’s advocate.  

Here’s what you get when hiring a professional buyer’s agent. 

We Help You Make Better Financial Decisions 

You won’t trust an unqualified financial advisor to help you manage your stock portfolio. So, why would you trust an untrained person to help you invest in property? 

A realtor’s job is to sell the property. They use tried and tested marketing tactics to make every property look like an excellent investment. After all, they’re getting paid to do so! 

A professional buyer’s agent takes the emotion out of buying property. To us, it’s a simple matter of numbers. We’ll ensure that you get a property that matches your financial investment.  

For instance, at Savvy Fox, we can help you find a beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house in an excellent capital growth suburb.  

With this property, you can quickly get a return of around $500 a week. That’s a sound financial investment!  

If you’re looking for your own place to call home, we know exactly how to calculate the best future use of your property purchase to maximise your bottom line. 

We Do The Leg Work For You 

Let’s face it, searching for your dream house is a long, tedious task. With thousands of properties for sale along the Gold Coast, it can quickly become a massive headache. 

We will use our extensive network of connections, industry knowledge, and skills as qualified buyers agents to effortlessly reduce thousands of potential properties into a manageable shortlist. 

You can then use this shortlist to look at possible investments. Instead of you having to slog through property reports, dodge realtors, and marketing ploys, let a buyer’s agent do it for you. 

When we take care of the leg work, you save loads of time. In fact, you can continue living your life while we take care of the details.  

We Help You Save Money 

Bargaining is an essential part of every buyer’s agent’s DNA. When you hire a buyer’s agent, you get a savvy advocate that’ll look out for your best interests. 

This care includes bargaining on your behalf to get the best possible deal when buying property.  

This essential service can be the critical difference between paying a mortgage for 20 years or 35 years! 

Not only do we help you save loads of money, but you can see faster financial returns on your property investment. 

We Understand Your Needs 

At Savvy Fox, we’re pretty proud of the fact that some of our clients call us “mind readers“. After a simple 30-minute consultation, we create a profile with all of your needs in mind.  

We will then use this profile to match you up with the perfect home. We understand that a house is just a house; it’s the people and the meaning that make it a true home.  

So, whether you need a modern flat in Byron Bay or something more significant along the Gold Coast, we can help you find it. 

Depending on the complexity of your brief, we can help you find a property that matches your personality or investment requirements in approximately 6 to 8 weeks! 

How Much Does A Buyer’s Advocate Cost?

How Much Does A Buyer’s Advocate Cost

So, unlike ordinary realtors or seller’s agents, a buyer’s agent is on your side. We advocate for your needs and look out for your best interest. 

However, not all buyer’s agents are cut from the same cloth. 

Our skills and intimate knowledge of the local Gold Coast property market don’t come from a quick internet search.  

It comes from years of experience along with a fiercely independent attitude. That’s what makes us savvy, and that’s what’ll give you the edge! 

So, it means that we charge a fee for our professional service. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for.  

Our professional and independent advice can be the difference between buying a house or buying a property that delivers financial results! 

At Savvy Fox, we offer two tailor-made services, each with its own buyer’s agent fee. 

Our Fee Is Broken Down Into Two Options

Full-service Buyer's Agent Fee

Our most popular service is the full-service. With this service, we’ll partner with you to tackle every step of the property buying process.  

We’ll do everything, from sourcing a shortlist of potential properties to negotiating a better purchase price, all the way to final settlement and moving in.  

We’ll make you feel like a local in no time at all! How much does this buyer’s agent service cost? 

We charge an initial $2,000 when you appoint us as your buyer’s agent. When everything is done and dusted, we charge a success fee of the balance of the total cost *approx 1.5% +GST. 

We’ll never charge a success fee if you do not end up entering a contract of sale.   

Negotiating Or Bidding At Auctions

Another option is for you to find the perfect property yourself. Once you’ve got it, invite us to negotiate and bid on your behalf. 

Typically, the buyer’s advocate fee for this service is around $1,500, depending on how complex the purchase is. 

30 Minutes Will Change Your Life

Buying a property is as unique as you are. Instead of doing everything on your own and risking your financial investment, let a professional buyer’s agent help you. The answer to your question of “how much does a buyers agent cost” will be: it’s totally worth the money!  

We are intimately familiar with the Byron Bay, Gold Coast, and Brisbane property markets. We’re residents! Let’s help you find your dream home, or the perfect investment, today.  Book a FREE 30-Minute Strategy call with Jacqueline today… 

*Chat directly with the top Buyers Agent, no hard sells. Promise.

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