Coomera Property Market

Coomera property market

Coomera Suburb Profile

The Coomera Suburb profile is in the northern precincts of the Gold Coast and borders Hope Island and Pimpama to its north and south and adjoins its neighbours Upper Coomera and Oxenford to the east and southeast.

Before Coomera became a suburb, the area was primarily rural, characterised by farmland and bushland. The Coomera River and its surrounding natural landscapes were prominent features of the pre-suburban Coomera, offering resources and sustenance to the local indigenous Yugambeh people, who have a rich cultural heritage in the area.

The transformation of Coomera from its rural roots to a suburban area began in the 1980s with the expansion and urbanisation of the Gold Coast, leading to the development and growth of residential communities and associated amenities in the area.

The construction of residential estates, shopping centres, educational facilities, and infrastructure projects has contributed to the ongoing development and transformation of Coomera into the vibrant community it is today.

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The Lifestyle in Coomera

Coomera Property Market

Coomera offers a desirable lifestyle with its combination of community spirit, convenient amenities, natural beauty, and recreational opportunities. The area’s growth, range of housing options, and proximity to theme parks, educational facilities, and transport links make it an attractive choice for those seeking a vibrant and family-friendly place to live on the Gold Coast.

Here’s just a few of the popular things to do in and around Coomera:

Visit Dreamworld: Explore one of Australia’s largest theme parks, featuring thrilling rides, wildlife encounters, and family-friendly attractions – right in the heart of Coomera. The other major theme parks, Movie World and Wet ‘n Wild are a few steps away in the neighbouring suburb of Oxenford.

Enjoy Coomera River: Spend a day boating, fishing, or picnicking along the scenic Coomera River.

Explore Coomera Conservation Park: Take a hike through this natural reserve and immerse yourself in the beauty of the local flora and fauna.

Go Kayaking or Canoeing: Take to the waters of the Coomera River and enjoy a peaceful paddle surrounded by nature.

Visit the Coomera Indoor Sports Centre: Catch a sporting event or participate in a range of activities at this versatile sports centre. Keep an eye out for other cultural events, and exhibitions also happening at this multipurpose venue.

Shop at Westfield Coomera: Browse through a wide variety of retail stores, grab a bite to eat, or catch a movie at this popular shopping destination.

Discover Coomera Waters: Explore this master-planned residential community featuring scenic waterfront areas, parks, and walking trails.

Visit the Coomera Lodge Hotel: Drop by this historic pub, established in the early 1900s, for a drink or a meal in a charming setting.

Explore the Coombabah Lakelands Conservation Area: Discover this protected wetland area and its diverse wildlife through scenic walking trails.

Relax on the Gold Coast Beaches: Coomera’s proximity to the beautiful Gold Coast beaches allows for a day of sunbathing, swimming, or surfing at iconic locations like Surfers Paradise or Main Beach.

These activities cater to a range of interests, from adventure seekers and sports enthusiasts to nature lovers and those looking for leisurely experiences. Coomera offers a diverse range of options to keep residents and visitors entertained throughout the year.

Coomera Geolocation Factors

Coomera, located on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, boasts several significant geolocation factors that contribute to its accessibility and convenience.

Firstly, let’s talk about its proximity to major cities. Coomera is approximately 55km (34 miles) south of Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland. This means that residents of Coomera have easy access to the cultural and economic opportunities of the state’s capital.

In terms of roads, Coomera benefits from its close connection to major roads. The Pacific Motorway (M1) runs adjacent to the suburb along its western border, providing quick and convenient access to Brisbane and other parts of the Gold Coast. This highway is a major artery for commuting and travel.

For those relying on public transport, Coomera is well-served by the Coomera Train Station. The train station is part of the Queensland Rail City network, offering regular services to both Brisbane and the Gold Coast. This makes commuting to work or exploring the surrounding areas a breeze for residents. The Coomera bus station is also located at the Coomera train station, ensures excellent connection to destinations within Coomera and other parts of the Gold Coast.

In terms of airports, Coomera is conveniently located near two major airports. The Gold Coast Airport, situated approximately 40km (25 miles) south of Coomera, provides domestic and international flights, connecting residents to various destinations. Brisbane Airport, approximately 60km (37 miles) north of Coomera, offers even more flight options and connections to global destinations.

When it comes to healthcare, Coomera residents have access to a range of medical facilities and hospitals in the surrounding area. The Gold Coast University Hospital, located in Southport, is a major tertiary hospital that offers a comprehensive range of medical services. Additionally, there are several medical centres and clinics in Coomera itself, ensuring residents have convenient access to primary healthcare.

Coomera is also home to a variety of shopping and community amenities. The Westfield Coomera shopping centre is a major retail hub, offering a wide range of stores, restaurants, and entertainment options. It’s a one-stop destination for shopping, dining, and leisure activities.

In terms of community amenities, Coomera offers numerous recreational facilities, including sports clubs, parks, and nature reserves. The suburb has a thriving sports community, providing opportunities for various sports and outdoor activities. Coomera is also known for its proximity to Dreamworld and Wet ‘n Wild and Movie World, two major theme parks that offer exciting experiences for visitors of all ages.

These geolocation factors, from its proximity to major cities and transportation links to its access to healthcare, shopping, and community amenities, contribute to Coomera’s appeal as a convenient and well-connected suburb in the Gold Coast region.

The Coomera Property Market

Coomera Real Estate

Coomera, Qld, 4209 – *Real Estate Statistics

The Coomera property market offers a diverse range of housing including residential estates, townhouses and apartment complexes.

The following statistics are from the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics 2021 Census and Property Values.

Coomera House statistics

Coomera Unit statistics

*Data Disclaimer: At Savvy Fox we update the data found on these posts regularly, however we understand the real estate industry is dynamic.  Therefore, it’s subject to change. Use these figures as a general guide only. We will happily discuss the latest changes to the local property market on your FREE 30-minute strategy call.

Coomera Suburb Demographics

The suburb of Coomera is approximately 24.6km2, with 35 parks covering approximately 5.9% of the area.

The population of Coomera as at the 2021 census was 20,225 compared with 13,312 in 2016 – a large growth of around  51.9%. In terms of cultural diversity, the majority of residents were born in Australia (65.2%), with New Zealand and UK ancestry also significant..

The predominant age group is 25–34 years, predominantly couples with young children and single-parent (11.5%) households.  Generally, people in Coomera work in a trades occupation. The relatively high proportion of young families is likely due to the availability of schools, parks, and other amenities that cater to the needs of families and realtively affordable housing in some areas.

As at the 2021 census approximately 44.3% of homes are owned either outright (10%) or with a mortgage (34.3%) with 53.7% of homes rented. The average mortgage repayment is between $1,800–$2,399pm.

Coomera has experienced significant population growth in recent years, driven by its expanding residential developments and the overall growth of the Gold Coast region. The population will continue to grow with plans for a TAFE, a university, and Queensland’s biggest shopping centre to develop around the existing train station.

Schools in Coomera

Coomera Schools

Coomera is home to several schools, providing a range of educational options for residents. Here are some of the schools located in or near Coomera:

Coomera Rivers State School: Coomera Rivers State School is a state primary school offering education from Prep to Year 6. The school focuses on providing a supportive and inclusive learning environment.

Foxwell State Secondary College: Foxwell State Secondary College opened in 2020 offering education from years 7–12. The school prides itself on academic, sporting, cultural and community excellence and is a proud example of high quality state school education.

Upper Coomera State College: Upper Coomera State College (located in adjacent suburb of Upper Coomera) is a state school catering to students from Prep to Year 12. The college offers a comprehensive curriculum and a range of extracurricular activities.

Coomera Anglican College: Coomera Anglican College (located in Upper Coomera) is a private school offering education from Pre-Prep to Year 12. The college emphasises academic excellence, character development, and a supportive community.

Assisi Catholic College: Assisi Catholic College (Located in Upper Coomera) is a private Catholic school offering education from Prep to Year 12. The college integrates faith-based teachings with a comprehensive curriculum.

Saint Stephen’s College: Located in nearby Upper Coomera, Saint Stephen’s College is a private school providing education from Kindergarten to Year 12. The college focuses on academic achievement, character development, and a holistic education experience.

Coomera Springs State School: Coomera Springs State School (located in Upper Coomera) is a state primary school catering to students from Prep to Year 6. The school emphasizes individualized learning and a positive school culture.

These are just a few examples of the schools in the Coomera area. It’s important to conduct further research and visit school websites to gather more information about each institution’s specific offerings, educational philosophy, facilities, and extracurricular activities to determine the best fit for your needs and preferences.

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Buying Real Estate in Coomera?

With its vibrant community, convenient amenities, and abundant recreational opportunities, Coomera provides an excellent quality of life. The suburb’s growth and development have resulted in modern infrastructure, including shopping centres, schools, and healthcare facilities, ensuring that residents have easy access to essential services. The proximity to major cities, such as Brisbane, and the availability of public transport options make commuting a breeze.

Additionally, Coomera’s natural beauty, with the Coomera River and nearby parks, offers opportunities for outdoor activities and a connection to nature. Whether it’s the thriving community spirit, the range of amenities, or the natural surroundings, Coomera presents a compelling option for those looking for a well-rounded and enjoyable place to call home.

Summing up in a word: Dynamic

Could Coomera be an ideal suburb of interest for you? If it is, we invite you to contact Savvy Fox today. With over two decades of buyers and property experience, we’ve got the know-how to find you the best home and the best deal.

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