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Don't cost yourself THOUSANDS of dollars By Over Bidding yourself - Get a Real Estate Auctioneer in your corner!

An auction is like a theatre performance, except no one knows the script or who is playing the lead roles until the curtain falls or in this case the hammer falls at the end.

For the everyday punter, bidding at auction can be very daunting – and a lot of buyers are stressed and worried about getting emotional and overpaying.

Having a professional bid for you means you can get expert guidance on the right value and not get fooled by underquoting.

I also work to ensure that you don’t pay more than what a property is worth, (I am a Registered Valuer after-all)  and if possible, we can work to negotiate the right deal for you pre-auction.

Leave your details and I will be in touch to see if I can assist you with your next property auction.

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