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Molendinar Suburb Profile

Welcome to the suburb of Molendinar, Qld – where the charm of the Gold Coast meets the promise of a new home. Molendinar is a small suburb tucked in-between the neighbouring suburbs of Ashmore to the south, Parkwood to the north, and Southport to the east. It is a mix of residential and industrial and although the industrial estate, which was established in 1969, is located within Molendinar, it is contained in its own locale, making it a great work/home option to minimise travel. It is a more affordable option to its neighbours and therefore a great entry point to consider.  This could well be your key to unlocking the secrets of this thriving community. Nestled in the heart of Queensland, Molendinar offers a unique blend of serenity and accessibility, making it an ideal destination for those considering moving to the Gold Coast.

As you venture into the Molendinar Suburb Profile, let us introduce you to the synergy between work, lifestyle and property. Here, the landscape is adorned with parks, local businesses, and a sense of community that defines the Gold Coast spirit. Wondering what a “Buyers Agent” is and how it fits into your journey? That’s where Savvy Fox steps in —we are your dedicated guide to demystify the real estate landscape, ensuring your property journey is not just smooth but tailored to your dreams. Whether you’re a seasoned local or someone Moving to the Gold Coast for the first time, the Molendinar Suburb Profile, paired with the expertise of Savvy Fox, is your comprehensive roadmap to finding the perfect home in this Queensland oasis. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together.

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The Lifestyle in Molendinar

Molendinar Qld Suburb Profile

Let’s talk parks. If you’re in Molendinar and craving a relaxed day out, Mahogany Hill Park is the place to be. With spacious lawns, shady trees, and a kid’s paradise of a playground, it’s the epitome of a lazy Sunday spot. Another hidden gem is Silver Bridle Park, which backs onto the Community Centre, and several other parks that make living easy in Molendinar.

Now, if you’re a sports enthusiast, Molendinar Community Centre (better known as the Lynne Richardson Community Centre) is where the local magic happens. From volunteers who care for those in the community to the beautiful fields surrounding the centre, it’s the beating heart of community activity.

Foodie alert! Molendinar is a casual, laid-back kinda town and offers a great selection of cafes from Thai to Korean to burgers to great coffee. There’s something that will fill that rumbling gap, and all are mainly located on the main strip of Olsen Avenue.

Now, history buffs, we’ve got something special for you. Check out the Molendinar Railway Tunnel – a slice of the past right in your backyard. Walking through it feels like stepping into history. It’s basically a time machine without the DeLorean.

And anything else you may suddenly get the urge to do, anywhere on our magnificent Gold Coast,  look it up and you’ll find it will be a mere hop, step and a jump from your home in Molendinar to wherever your heart desires.

Molendinar Geolocation Factors

Alright, let’s get our bearings straight in the heart of Molendinar, Qld – your soon-to-be stomping ground?

First off, we’re talking prime location. Molendinar is like the cool kid who’s close to everything but still has its own vibe. Picture this: we’re a mere 10km from the buzzing heart of Surfers Paradise. Yep, the Gold Coast’s iconic hub is practically our next-door neighbour.

Now, if you’ve got the travel bug, the Gold Coast Highway is our local superstar road, connecting us to the coastal wonders and taking you straight to the beach in no time. And hey, the Pacific Motorway (M1) is just a hop, skip, and jump away, making road trips a breeze.

Public transport? We’ve got it covered. The light rail stations are your golden ticket to cruising along the coast or zipping into the city hassle-free. Buses are weaving through the streets, ready to connect you with light rail and/or take you wherever your heart desires.

Airports? Well, you’re in luck. Gold Coast Airport to the south is practically our own backyard – a quick drive, and you’re ready for take-off. And Brisbane is only an hour’s drive to the north. Domestic and international flights, here we come!

Health emergencies? Not an issue. The Gold Coast University Hospital is just around the corner, ready to handle anything life throws at you. We’ve got your back.

Shopping spree, anyone? Helensvale Westfield is where it’s at – a shopping haven for all your retail therapy needs. From fashion to tech, it’s a one-stop shop paradise.

And for the community vibe, we’ve got local markets, community centres, and schools peppered throughout. It’s not just a suburb; it’s a hub of convenience and connection.

The Molendinar Property Market

Molendinar, Qld Real Estate

Molendinar, Qld, 4214 – *Real Estate Statistics

Alright, let’s have a peak at the Molendinar property scene – it’s like the Gold Coast’s best-kept secret, and we’re about to let you in on it.

First things first, property types. Molendinar is affordable and has a diverse canvas of real estate. From cozy apartments that feel like a perpetual vacation to spacious family homes that scream backyard BBQs, we’ve got it all. It’s like a buffet of housing options – pick your flavour, and Molendinar delivers. It even has its own “industrial” estate, which just may be an attraction for anyone looking to work close to home.

Now, let’s talk forecast. Brace yourself because Molendinar is turning heads in the property world. The outlook? Despite a very slight dip in the last few months, Molendinar is still considered a rising star on the Gold Coast’s real estate stage. With infrastructure developments, community vibes, and that undeniable Gold Coast charm, Molendinar’s property market is on the upswing.

Investors, first-time buyers, or those looking for a lifestyle upgrade – Molendinar has something for everyone. It’s not just a suburb; it’s a real estate adventure waiting to happen. So, if you’re eyeing a property move, Molendinar is one of the Gold Coast’s hidden gems that’s not staying hidden for too much longer.

The following statistics are from the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics 2021 Census and Property Values (over the last 12 months).

Molendinar House statistics

Molendinar Unit statistics

*Data Disclaimer: At Savvy Fox we update the data found on these posts regularly, however we understand the real estate industry is dynamic.  Therefore, it’s subject to change. Use these figures as a general guide only. We will happily discuss the latest changes to the local property market on your FREE 30-minute strategy call.

Molendinar Suburb Demographics

The suburb of Molendinar is approximately 7.7km2, with 15 parks covering approximately 7.2% of the area.

The population of Molendinar as of the 2021 census was 6,450 and has remained steady compared with 6,379 in 2016. In terms of cultural diversity, the majority of residents were born in Australia (59.5%), with New Zealand and Chinese ancestry following behind at around 6.8% and 4.6% respectively.

The predominant age group is 40–54 years, primarily married couples with children.  Generally, people in Molendinar work in a professional occupation.

As at the 2021 census, approximately 63% of homes are owned either outright (22.6%) or with a mortgage (40.4%) with 34.7% of homes rented. The average mortgage repayment is between $1,800–$2,399pm.

Schools in Molendinar

Molendinar Schools

There are no government primary or secondary schools located within the suburb of Molendinar, Qld. The suburb is primarily residential and doesn’t have its own schools. Residents typically rely on nearby suburbs of Ashmore or Nerang for educational facilities.

Molendinar is home to only one private school:

Trinity Lutheran College is an innovative independent co-educational Christian college from ELC to Year 12. It offers the International Baccalaureate for the Primary Years Programme and also the Duke of Edinburgh Award and The Kokoda Challenge.

It’s important to note that school boundaries and catchment areas may vary, so it’s advisable to check with the respective schools and relevant education authorities for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding enrolment and zoning.

Prospective residents should conduct further research and consider individual school offerings, facilities, and values to find the best fit for their children’s educational needs.

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Buying Real Estate in Molendinar?

Molendinar offers a unique blend of community charm and untapped potential. It sits in a great position as far as centrality goes and is a more affordable option than some of its closest neighbours that are definitely more costly in the real estate stakes.

When it comes to navigating the property landscape, there’s Savvy Fox – your guide to turning Molendinar’s real estate opportunities into a personalised haven. It’s not a glossy five-star location; it’s a genuine community waiting for those who see the value beyond the surface.

If we had to sum it up in one word, then we would say, Molendinar: Promising.

So, if Molendinar looks to be a suburb of interest for you, we invite you to contact Savvy Fox today. With over two decades of buyers and property experience, we’ve got the know-how to find you the best home and the best deal.

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