Moving To Byron Bay: What To Know

move to Byron Bay

Moving to Byron Bay

Byron Bay has flourished in recent years and for many locals, it’s been a secret hideout full of art, beauty, and relaxation. But as it becomes a little less secret, many people (including you) want to know a little more about this tranquil stretch of land. 

So let’s talk about Byron Bay: What you can expect from the lifestyle, the hinterland way, and the weather. 

We’ll also cover how you can streamline moving to Byron Bay with helpful tips, and how we, Savvy Fox – Byron Bay Buyers Advocates, can help you find your dream home in Byron Bay. 

Move Byron Bay

All About The Byron Bay Lifestyle

When someone mentions Byron Bay, it conjures images of gorgeous beaches, flourishing art scenes, and relaxed living. The coastal town, which is located in New South Wales, has become synonymous with eclectic, vibrant living. 

For most of the year, Byron Bay is a famous holiday destination. And why wouldn’t it be? The town features a host of activities, the beaches are always raring and ready to go, and the art and music scene always brings with it ways to enjoy your free time. 

In fact, you’ll sometimes spot a celebrity here and there, going about their usual business in this bohemian paradise. With such a laid-back atmosphere, it’s no wonder that more and more people are making the move from Sydney and Melbourne to Byron Bay. 

Things To Do In Byron Bay

You will always have something to do in Byron Bay. The growth of the coastal town and the influx of people has led to a boom in all eclectic and fun activities you could possibly imagine. 

Byron Bay festivals

World-Class Festivals

Byron Bay sees its fair share of yearly music festivals, from Bluesfest for blues lovers to Latin and trance-inspired festivals. But it goes so much further than just music. The festivals celebrate a whole range of niches – writing, art, dance, film, and food – that every local can enjoy year-round. 

Beach Fun

The bay is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Australia, with waves to match. You’ll frequently see surfers enjoying the surf and beachgoers basking in the sun. But if surfing isn’t for you, you can try boat rides, canoeing, and scuba diving with local guides. 

Awe-Inspiring Conservation Area

Byron Bay’s conservation site, around Australia’s east point, is perfect for local exploring. Enjoy hiking trails, delicious dining, and local views that will take your breath away. And, if you’re feeling extra adventurous, visit the Cape Byron Lighthouse for views you’ll never forget. 

Eclectic & Varied Activities

Besides the above adventures, you can also enjoy a variety of other fun activities. The things-to-do mirror the local people, which is varied and extremely fun. 

Enjoy other activities like 

  • Horse riding on the beach and in the hills.
  • Art galleries and art openings.
  • Beer breweries and wine tastings. 
  • Circus art school. 
  • Eco tours and hikes. 
  • Sea and land whale watching. 
  • Markets, parks, and beautiful picnic areas. 
  • And so much more.

 Whether you’re moving alone, with a partner, or with kids, you’ll never be without things to do.

Byron Bay hinterland

Byron Bay Hinterland Lifestyle

With the influx of renters and buyers in the Byron Bay area, the population has bloomed. And while the area is very much still about relaxed bohemian living, some might find the bustle a little too much for them. 

If that’s you, then consider moving to the Byron Bay hinterland instead. On the outskirts of the coastal town, the hinterland stretches into the surrounding countryside and the more rural area, with many gorgeous homes and secluded beach views. 

Here, you can enjoy a bit more privacy. The homes sprawl toward the north and south of the hub and are still within short driving and walking distance. You’re away from the hustle and tourism with your own land but still close enough to enjoy the local scene.

The Weather In Byron Bay

In Byron Bay, you’ll quickly notice that most locals spend their time in linen clothes or other airy derivatives. And it’s not just a style choice. 

Byron Bay summers are warm and humid and partly cloudy. It’s generally the perfect beach weather and is never unbearably hot or blistering, with an average temperature of 26 °C during the summer months. 

Winter is cool and clear, with an average temperature between 11 °C and 20 °C. It’s never too cold. 

The other thing to note is the wind. Because this is a coastal town, expect wind year-round. But as the locals can tell you, the wind adds to the feel of the place. 

real estate sales in Byron Bay

Moving To Byron Bay: Real Estate Comparison

With such a vast array of activities, scenic views, celebrity visitors, and tourism, it’s no surprise that living in Byron Bay can be expensive. 

But when compared to top places like Sydney and Melbourne, you can see why some would choose this beachside paradise above the hustle and bustle of city life. 

The median cost of a home in Byron Bay is a little over $3,100,000 and apartments at $1,400,000, which is quite a bit more than the Sydney and Melbourne median. However, food costs and living costs are slightly cheaper in the bay than in Sydney and Melbourne. 

While Byron Bay property is more expensive, any local will tell you the relaxed and beautiful lifestyle is worth the cost. The area has everything any homeowner could want, and it’s no surprise that this little paradise has lit up the coast and surrounding areas. 

We’d suggest any interested parties visit the coastal town to get a feel of the place that has captured hearts all over the world. Once you’re there, you’ll understand why so many choose to buy homes in Byron Bay.

5 Tips For Moving To Byron Bay

Moving is stressful. It’s emotionally and physically taxing, with to-do lists that stretch on for days. It gets even harder if you are moving with kids or pets. Fortunately, there are ways to make the process a little smoother. 

Use this guide to help with your move to Byron Bay and enjoy the moving experience instead of dreading it. 

1. Declutter

Firstly, declutter your home. The less you have to pack and take with you, the easier the moving process will be. 

We all collect things without really being aware of them, which usually results in a cluttered home and drawers full of items we haven’t seen in years. Go through your belongings and toss the items you no longer use, need, or want. 

If you have items like clothes or household items that are still usable, donate them to a charity or sell them to a thrifting shop or online platform. 

2. Disassemble Ahead Of Time

Disassembling furniture, TV stands, and other household odds and ends is a great way to pack more efficiently. We know the thought of taking items apart might be a little nerve-wracking, so make sure you have guides handy. 

You don’t have to disassemble everything, just the items that take up a lot of space when they are set up. Remember to keep track of all the smaller items like screws or wedges. Put them in bags, label them, and tape them to the items before securely loading them. 

3. Hire A Removalist

To streamline the process and save on fuel costs and repeat trips, hire a removalist for moving help. With a professional at your side, you’ll get the moving process done in half the time and with a fraction of the stress. 

Get quotes from local movers, compare prices and services, and choose the company for you. Put down your moving date and prepare for your haul to your new home. 

4. Pack Like A Pro

Next, pack up your home. The process should be a lot easier because you’ve decluttered the space and dissembled the toughest furniture. Get hold of packing materials – boxes, box tape, moving paper, and bubble wrap – and work from one corner of your home to the next. 

Make sure to securely wrap and layer between fragile items, with heavier items at the bottom. Put heavy items in small, compact boxes and pack plates standing on their side. 

Remember to label all your boxes so that you know which room to take them to in the new home.

5. Put Together A Box Of Essentials 

The first night in your new home is going to be exhausting, and you won’t have the time or energy to look for your essentials in the piled boxes. Instead, pack a little box with all your essential items. 

Pack bedding, towels, and toiletries. If you’re a chronic caffeine drinker, add a kettle and your favourite tea or coffee. Have some emergency food available for when hunger strikes and prepare toilet paper and other essentials for your first night. 


Byron Bay has flourished in recent years and with good reason. This coastal paradise has a thriving community and bohemian vibes that any local can tell you is extremely infectious. 

Get away from the bustle and buy a home in Byron Bay. Enjoy a variety of fun activities, festivals, great food, beautiful views, fun beach vibes, and great weather year-round. 

If you’re ready to make the leap, contact us today. Our Savvy Fox Buyers advocate Brisbane, Buyers advocate Byron Bay and Buyers advocate Gold Coast are here to help you find your ideal property in Australia.

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