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Moving To The Gold Coast

Any relocation can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’re not in the know about the place you’re moving to. Today, we hope to remedy that with our in-depth guide on moving to the Gold Coast. 

Learn about this metropolitan paradise, the best suburbs to settle in, the weather throughout the year, and tips on making your move easier. We’ll also compare living expenses with Sydney and Melbourne to help you get a better idea about what to expect. Let’s get right to it.  

move to gold coast

All about the Gold Coast lifestyle

The Gold Coast is a city on the East Coast, just south of Brisbane. The population is a little over half a million, hitting that sweet spot between being alive and busy but not overcrowded.

Because the population is home to a big mix of locals and foreigners, the city has become one of the most diverse places in Australia. Most of the city’s residents fall between the ages of 20 and 45. It’s a young, vibrant place. 

Gold Coast is known for a lot of things but its most prominent features have to be the beautiful beaches, theme parks, and bustling nightlife. 

The beaches in particular have captivated both locals and visitors. They’re breathtaking surfing and sunbathing hot spots that stretch across a whopping 56 kilometres. 

Another win for Gold Coast is the public transport. The city is filled with trams, buses, and trains that easily navigate the coastal region. It’s got everything a local could need without being unnavigable.

Things to do on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast will never leave you wanting things to do. With such a big, eclectic population, the city has flourished as a hub for business people as well as creatives.

relocating to the Gold Coast

Beach paradise

As mentioned, the city is a veritable beach paradise. The 56-kilometre stretch of ocean features great waves, surfing hubs, and other beach activities like canoeing. The beaches are all unique with their own attractions, shops, and shows. 

Dreamworld Gold Coast Australia

Theme parks galore

Besides beaches, the Gold Coast is most often remembered for its theme parks. The city has a plethora of water parks, amusement parks, and other themed adventures. 

Some of the most notable are: 

For adults, there are a lot of theme restaurants and attractions like the horror-themed restaurant Draculas’ Cabaret and the Australian Outback Spectacular

Currumbin markets Gold Coast

Markets & weekend activities

If you’re not into theme parks, then visit one of the city’s markets or enjoy its wild weekend activities. 

These are just a few of the most prominent attractions. But with the growing population, you can expect to see more and more amazing markets and attractions pop up. 

Elabana Falls, Lamington National Park, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Wildlife & nature

If you want to get out of the city and enjoy some nature, you have tons of options to choose from. The Gold Coast and surrounding area have wildlife centres where locals can visit, learn, and experience the local fauna and flora. There are also many hiking trails and waterways with stunning views.

Best suburbs on the Gold Coast

In such a big city, finding the right suburb can be a little tricky. While there are many to choose from, here are our top pics. 

living in gold coast pros and cons


For those of you looking for a more sedate area to settle down, Parkwood is a perfect choice. It’s close enough to the city to still enjoy all the amenities but far enough away to enjoy some privacy and a calmer lifestyle. As a bonus, this area has tram access into the city and is walking distance to both the Gold Coast hospital and Gold Coast university. 


Ashmore sees more homes than it does apartments and is dominated by young professionals and families. The area is in high demand but you can see why. It has great schools and its own hub of shopping and local activities. 


Coolangatta is mostly known for its laid-back vibe and friendly people. Similar to Biggera Waters, this area is a lot calmer than the inner Gold Coast suburbs while still maintaining its old seaside paradise atmosphere. It’s got bars, pubs, restaurants, and a lot of local charm. 

Burleigh Heads

If you’re moving to enjoy the beach, Burleigh Heads is the place to be. Burleigh Heads is a trendy neighbourhood with bars, clubs, and nightlife fun any single will love. 

But the area isn’t just for young singles looking to enjoy a beach paradise. The suburb also features great schools and child-friendly activities local families can enjoy. 

Mermaid Waters

Maybe a home on the waterfront canal is more your speed? It’s hard to beat Mermaid Waters, which is perfectly located in a central Gold Coast location with access to both the Northern and Southern Gold Coast regions. Mermaid Waters is waterfront canal living at its finest, while also enjoying being just minutes from the beautiful Mermaid Beach and cafe’ strip.

For those who love a bit of “retail therapy” enjoy the world famous shopping at Pacific Fair shopping centre a short 3 minute drive down the Gold Coast Highway. 


While The Gold Coast is famous for its beaches, often overlooked is our beautiful Hinterland and tree lined suburbs. Tallebudgera offers you stunning ‘tree change’ properties while being minutes drive from world class schools, shopping, restaurants and cafes.

It’s the best of both worlds, you get to enjoy your evenings amongst the unique Gold Coast hinterland, and still be only 10 minutes away from the beach.

Tamborine Mountains

If you’re an individual looking for a calmer area dominated by those looking to relax, raise a family, or even retire, then check out Tamborine Mountains. This quiet drop of paradise is still close to the beach but offers a more affordable option than other younger areas. 

moving to the Gold Coast in Queensland

Weather on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is a subtropical paradise and a major draw for many buyers. The summers are windy, warm, and wet, with the average temperature hovering between 22°C and 28°C. 

Winters are short and still stay relatively warm at 21°C. The coldest month of July averages 20°C at its highest and 10°C at its lowest.  

Real estate comparison

Now, let’s compare the cost of real estate in the Gold Coast with two big competing cities. 

In Sydney, the median cost of a house is a little over $1,000,000. In Melbourne, you can expect to pay a median price of $760,000, with prices going up the closer you get to the inner city and the ritzier suburbs. On the Gold Coast, the median cost of a home is around $875,000.

Living on the Gold Coast is more affordable than in Sydney and almost equal to Melbourne, with some homes matching Sydney prices. But the overall cost of living is cheaper in Gold Coast than in both other cities. 

Still, the Gold Coast real estate prices are worth the growing hub and gorgeous beaches. 

5 Tips For Moving To The Gold Coast

Research And Hire A Removalist

First, find a removalist. Hiring a professional will make your life so much easier and streamline the moving process. 

Look online for local movers and request quotes from all the companies. Check out the company reviews and make sure they have the necessary experience for your move. 

Compare prices, package deals, and add-on services before settling on your moving date. We’d suggest hiring the movers about a month before your moving date. 

Time To Declutter

Next, declutter your home. We accumulate a lot of things without realising it and it can make the moving process a lot harder. Go room-by-room through your home and sort items that you use from items that you don’t.

When you are done, you can hold a yard sale with the items you want to get rid of and sell them. If you are in a rush or don’t want the trouble, you can always donate the usable items and get rid of the rest.  

Disassemble What You Can

After you have decluttered your home, make note of all the big items in your home. Consider which furniture items can be disassembled and do so. Make sure to keep track of all the smaller parts – put them in bags and tape them to the furniture – and label all the separate pieces. 

If there are big items that you cannot disassemble yourself, hire a local with experience to take care of them for you. Doing this will make the moving process so much easier and free up a lot of vehicle space. 

Pack Smart

Finally, it’s time to pack. If you dread packing, you can hire a professional packer or ask your moving company if they offer packing services. But if you have to do it yourself, start by getting high-quality moving boxes. Sturdy boxes will keep your fragile items safe. 

Remember to wrap fragile items in newspapers, moving paper, or bubble wrap before packing them. Back heavier items at the bottom of the box and stack plates on their sides. If you have super heavy items, put them in small, separate boxes. 

Put Together A Box Of Essentials

When you get to your new home, chances are you won’t have time to unpack everything before the first night arrives. Instead, put all essential items into a separate, easy-to-access box. 

The box should include towels, bedding, toiletries, emergency food, clothes, and toilet paper. You can also keep your kettle and your caffeine of choice nearby for a quick pick-me-up before the hard work of settling into your new home. 


If you’re looking to move away from the hustle and bustle of city life without losing the activities and city-living amenities, then the Gold Coast is your answer. The city features tons of fun activities and suburbs for every mood and budget. 
If you’re in the market for a home on the Gold Coast, we can help. Contact Savvy Fox for help from friendly and experienced buyer’s agents and we’ll guide you to your dream Gold Coast home!

One last thought, If you’re moving with a family, make sure you check out our list of the top schools on the Gold Coast.

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