Southport 4215 Property Market

Southport Qld Property Market

Southport is part of the sixth-largest city in Australia and the second-largest in all of Queensland. Deemed a dreamy holiday destination, it is loved for its proximity to some of Australia’s most extravagant theme parks – Australian Outback Spectacular, Dreamworld, Sea World, and Warner Bros Movie. In essence, Southport is both an administrative and commercial hub located at the very tip of the busy Gold Coast City.

This suburb borders the Southport Broadwater, a large shallow estuary that is separated from the Pacific Ocean by a sandy promontory called The Spit. This isthmus starts north of Main Beach and stretches up to the Gold Coast Seaway.

Southport Broadwater is home to an upmarket marina, overlooked by a canal residential development. It also harbours a hotel and entertainment complex, Palazzo Versace, and the Sheraton Mirage Resort. Southport real estate and Southport family home is in high demand, with the area considered to be one of the most modern precincts in Gold Coast City.


The development of Southport has been continuous since World War I, with many of its antique buildings being brushed aside to make new for modern developments. Today, the area caters mostly to tourism with most of the Southport area having become a sleek holiday place. Locals describe Southport as a dream living destination with tourists coining it their ‘home away from home’.

Southport manages to keep its old-school charm but allows individuals to partake in a unique holiday experience that only this suburb can offer. Southport is any nature lover’s dream destination because it harbours habitats for many native mammals and large trees.

If you want to experience Southport’s natural beauty first-hand, you can take a stroll down to Southport Broadwater Parklands, which opened its doors in 2009. Within the Parklands precinct, you will also find Southport Pier and the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre. Fun abounds in this precinct, as the kids will have loads to learn as they explore all the Southport Parklands have to offer. Couples can also slip away to enjoy a romantic sunset on the pier.

Southport offers numerous shopping destinations – Australia Fair Shopping Centre being at the very top of the list. This indoor shopping establishment contains a whopping 233 stores! You can find top-quality restaurants peppered throughout the mall – ready to serve delectable meals should you feel a bit peckish.

If you would like to brush up on some of the suburb’s history, you can pop into the Gold Coast Southport Library. Enjoy fun-filled hours of perusing through historical collections, which include documents and memorabilia of the suburb’s history.

Geolocation Factors

Southport lies just 75 km south of Brisbane, and, should you wish to go there, you can make use of Southport’s very own airport: Southport Airport (SHQ). You can also travel to the Gold Coast Airport, which is only 31 km away from Southport.

Southport offers lots of educational state facilities such as Southport State School, Musgrave Hill State School, and Keebra Park State High School. Private schooling is also available, which makes this the ideal location to raise a family.

If you are a foodie at heart, then Southport has got you covered. The suburb is full of eclectic eateries, 5-star establishments, and comfy local hangouts – all serving mouth-watering dishes. Depending on the mood you are in, you can opt for Lambar Pizza, a charming suburban pizzeria, Tonic on Chirn, an eaterie that’s famous for their vibrant cocktails and tapas, or even pay a visit to the Great Greek Kafe.

Recent Property Sales

*Sales data from

Southport Property Statistics

The following data (taken from Property Value) gives an overview of the median sale price for Southport properties.


Median sale price in the area: $635k

Median price change (1yr): 10.43%

Median rent: $495pw

Median gross yield: 4.0%


Median sale price in the area: $370k

Median price change (1yr): 5.71%

Median rent: $400pw

Median gross yield: 5.6%

Demographics of the Area

In 2016, the population in Southport totalled 31,879, with the predominant age group being between 20-29 years old.

Southport households mostly consist of childless couples who likely repay between $1800 – $2399 per month on mortgage repayments.

In 2011, 41.2% of the homes in Southport were owner-occupied compared with 37.9% in 2016.

Buyers Advocate Southport

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