Wategos Beach Property Market

Wategos Beach NSW Property Market

Wategos Beach is known for its picturesque views, stretches only 600m in length and sits at the tip of Cape Byron. The valley that shapes this beach was first owned in the mid-1930s by the Watego family, who grew crops where the residential area now resides.

Originally, Wategos Beach was named Little Beach due to its small size. In 1961, the town council auctioned approximately 86 lots of land in Wategos. Although it took more than 25 years for all of the lots to be sold and built on, Wategos Beach is now considered prime real estate or property market in the Byron Bay area.


Wategos Beach offers a peaceful, sheltered home away from home for tourists. It is the hidden gem of Byron Bay for locals. Ideal for singletons and families alike, the beach provides ample entertainment and allows for swimming, surfing, fishing and picnicking. Seeing as the waves at Wategos Beach break quite evenly, it provides great surf conditions for both longboarders and learners.

Nearby attractions include Little Wategos, which is Australia’s most easterly beach. Stretching only 150 meters long, this beach is perfect for swimming and rock fishing. The Byron Bay Lighthouse, which was built in 1901, is also nearby and is the perfect spot for a romantic date.

However, if you are looking for more outdoor adventure, you can always try out the Cape Byron walking track. This walkway meanders through the rainforest and over cliff tops, providing stunning views of the ocean and the hinterland.

Seeing as Wategos Beach is so close to Byron Bay and less than an hour’s drive away from the Gold Coast, you can pop in anytime to visit your favourite eatery, or simply peruse through the town’s various boutiques.

Geolocation factors

Since Wategos Beach is such a small area, almost all day-to-day activity takes place in the beach’s neighbouring suburb, Byron Bay. Byron Bay is only 2km away and connects to the back of Wategos Beach by a road that ends in limited parking near the shore.

When it comes to both private and public schooling, Byron Bay offers lots of options no matter your preference. This suburb is also home to plenty of cafés, restaurants and in-demand shopping outlets.

Located just 772km north of Sydney and 165km south of Brisbane, Byron Bay, like Wategos Beach, is a popular tourist destination. The nearest airport to these two suburbs is the Gold Coast Airport, which is just 54.2km away from Byron Bay.

Recent Property Sales

*Sales data from realestate.com.au

Property Statistics

The following data (taken from Property Value) gives an overview of the median sale price for Byron Bay properties.


Median sale price in the area: $2.3m

Median price change (1yr): 50.82%

Median rent: $890pw

Median gross yield: 2.0%


Median sale price in the area: $760k

Median price change (1yr): -5%

Median rent: $620pw

Median gross yield: 4.2%

Demographics of the area

Although Byron Bay and Wategos Beach are small residential areas, the number of people living there seems to be on the rise. In 2011, Byron Bay was home to 4,958 people and, in 2016, that number increased to 5,517 individuals. This indicates a population growth of 11.3% in the area during that time.

The sultry surf conditions seem to attract a younger age group, with most people living in Byron Bay being between the age of 20 and 29 years old. Households in Byron Bay consist mostly of childless couples who likely repay between $1800 – $2399 per month on mortgage repayments.

In 2011, 53.8% of the homes in Byron Bay were owner-occupied compared with 57.3% in 2016. This trend shows a preference for buying property in the area, instead of renting it.

Buyers Advocate Wategos Beach

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